Private rented housing

Private rented housing could provide a viable solution to housing. We know homes in Camden are expensive to rent and so you may need to look outside Camden or even outside London. Good quality homes can be found in the private sector housing in a location of your choosing and available for you to move into immediately. For more information visit Private rented housing.


Mutual exchange

Mutual exchanges offer a way for households to swap their homes and move either to the same size home or a smaller property. It offers an easier and quicker way for council tenants to move and swaps can occur anywhere in the UK and can happen between two or more tenants. Swaps can happen between council tenants and housing association tenants provided that they are not introductory tenants, but in all cases the landlord will need to give approval.

To find out what homes are available or if you are looking for a swap partner, you will need to register with Homeswapper that has the largest database in the UK for tenants actively seeking to swap their homes.

It is useful to have plenty of good photos of your home, plus a good description and also to list local amenities in order to attract potential swap partners. In addition to this, the more flexible you are about areas and types of properties the easier it will be to find someone to exchange with. For more information visit Home Swapper website.


Seaside and country homes

If you want to leave London and move to the countryside or by the sea and are over 60 years old, you can do so by applying to Seaside and Country Homes or  visit Seaside and Country Homes..

If you want more information on either of the above please call 020 7974 2431 or 2432